Austin Carmichael
Austin Carmichael
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Austin performed one of his tracks “Late At Night” in the PBS TV studios to be featured in a special on Mental Health.
He also appeared in two movies with his original song “Rest In Peace” featured in Perc 30.

About Austin Carmichael

Austin Carmichael
aka Aussyy

age:   22

occupation: recording artist, actor, model, social media influencer, and most importantly — a suicide survivor

from:   Cincinnati, OH

said:   My remarkable story is one of power, passion, and survival.

Austin's Story of Survival

His remarkable story is one of power, passion, and survival.

He attended Fairfield High School and shortly thereafter joined the Air Force.

After attending Miami University majoring in criminal justice, he realized that the traditional work world was not for him and unfortunately, neither was any aspect of this world.

In 2021, he attempted suicide.

I had a lot of trauma growing up from an abusive father, and my mom being stabbed 35 times years ago.

I tried to find help using a therapist and not even the therapist could help me.

I cried right to their face and told them I couldn’t do life anymore and they sent me home with a bottle of medicine.

After that last visit, I took almost a whole bottle of pills (Zoloft) and tried to take my life.

I thought nobody would be there for me even if I did die.

After waking up out of my coma and seeing my family and friends sitting there over my hospital bed crying that I woke up, I realized that death was not the answer.

Seeing the people you love most in tears is not worth it. It changed my life realizing how grateful I am to still be here and experience this thing called life.

My doctor told me…

“You better be lucky and Thank God. You should be dead right now.”

I had a couple of seizures with an exceptionally high heart rate and was placed on life support and was in a coma for a couple of days.

Austin is now using that survival experience as a testimony to help others and to showcase another way of living and thinking well outside of suicide.

Austin has courageously chosen to use this new-found passion for life alongside his real love and God given talent for music as he writes and sings/ raps about his experiences.

Austin also appears in two award-winning ARC12 TV project shows dealing with the realness of SURROUNDING mental health.

Austin boasts proudly…

“I grew my media followers from 10,000 to about 40,000 in 6 months and inspired my hometown. My mission here on earth is to save and help as many people as possible. It’s my vocation. My goal is to be a leader and an inspiration to others. ”

Austin adds…

“People saw my looks and the lifestyle I lived and never thought that someone like me could think about suicide EVER. Well, they’re wrong. I was battling demons everyday. ”

Now I want to take my music to the next level using my experience and my new knowledge on mental health to inspire others. Austin tells his story powerfully through his music in his track “Late at Night.”

Austin powerfully professes…

“Devil almost had me but he wasn’t that clever, glad I’m still here and I made it through the weather.”

Austin closes with…

“I just didn’t have anyone  I could relate to, now y’all can relate to me because I’m as real as it gets. Thank you.”