Together we can make a difference in the lives of HBCU students across America

The Arc12 Project is a historic partnership benefiting African American students, creators, influencers, HBCUs, and mental health initiatives.


The Arc 12 Project combines media and manufacturing with the express purpose of raising funds and creating programming supporting mental health awareness. With Executive Producers Gary Bernstein, Noah Thierry and Mark Thierry, in their first media project, “Open Lines” represents game changing content igniting a no holds barred discussion around mental health within the HBCU communities and particularly amongst young males.

Inspired by Howard University Senior Noah Thierry’s mental health journey, renowned media executive Gary Bernstein along with entrepreneur Mark Thierry are spearheading this ambitious movement designed to create a better understanding around mental health through media, education, and partnerships with participating mental health organizations.

Because candles have been a constant source of peace for Noah, the beautifully scented Arc12 candles are being manufactured in large quantities through Unity Brands Inc, a Texas-based, minority-owned manufacturing company, so significant funds can be raised to support mental health programs at the 101 HBCU campuses around the United States with retail locations at select Nordstrom stores nationwide.

African American young adult population continues to be hit hard with mental health issues

The Arc12 Prjoect works to Promote Mental Wellness and Support Mental Health on HBCUs across America

Suicidal thoughts, plans, and attempts are also rising among Black and African American young adults aged 18-25.

2.4% made-an-attempt (111,000) in 2018, compared to 1.5% (70,000) in 2008.

Connect Mental Health Professionals with Students and Young Adults

3.6% (166,000) made-a-plan in 2018, compared to 2.1% (96,000) in 2008.

9.5% (439,000) had serious thoughts of suicide in 2018 compared to only 6% (277,000) in 2008.

Major depressive episodes increased by over 30% year-to-year amongst young adults 18-25 (6.1% to 9.4%).

Arc12 Project seeks to Create Positive and Welcoming Conversations around Mental Health